The opioid crisis is all about greed and I’m not talking about greedy drug dealers, I’m talking about the
biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Companies that record profits in the billions! The truth
is that the heroin addict who lives on the street is not much different from an athlete who is hooked on
prescription pain killers or a senior who became addicted after a surgery. Addiction is addiction, plain
and simple. In fact, both are opiates made from the same plant.
We have allowed a serious epidemic to invade our society and no group of individuals, no matter their
education, no matter their income or vocation, is immune to its scourge. Pain killers are being
prescribed at an alarming rate and it is proving fatal. Opioids killed upwards of 4000 people in Canada in
2018. The epidemic is simply out of control. Big pharmaceutical companies have become the real drug
dealers. Addiction to painkillers has become unacceptably widespread. 1 in 5 people will become
addicted after using a ten-day prescription!

“The roots of the crisis lie in the 1980s and Ronald Reagan’s policy of corporate deregulation. Drug
companies, led by Purdue Pharma, the corporation owned by the Mortimer and Raymond branches of
the Sackler family, took advantage with aggressive marketing campaigns to convince doctors and
regulators of the need for, and the safety of, a new class of opioid analgesics. Drugs previously used
primarily for patients with cancer or a terminal illness became a routine prescription.”

We are finally putting the pieces together and the reality of the opioid addiction tragedy is as
outrageous as it is horrifying. I’ve gathered a few links to articles reporting the latest outcomes of big
pharma finally being held accountable for a tragedy that need not have occurred, a tragedy motivated
purely by greed!

“While government entities at every level are left footing the bill to address the health and social crisis, the
pharmaceutical companies attempt to shift the blame to Mexican drug lords, overzealous doctors, and the victims
“An Oklahoma judge found Johnson & Johnson guilty in fueling the state’s opioid crises and ordered the corporation
to pay $572 million in a landmark ruling with vast implications.”
“Top Executives of Insys, an Opioid Company, Are Found Guilty of Racketeering.”
“The Opioid Crisis Is About More Than Corporate Greed”
“The opioid epidemic is no mistake. It is the result of complicity and greed.”
“The drug industry fueled opioid crisis keeps worsening because of a bonanza of profits it generates. Addiction and
an overdosing epidemic killing tens of thousands in the US annually is considered a cost of doing business — paid by
victims, not opioid traffickers.”