The Team


Another Road Addiction Recovery Centre’s core team:

General Manager: Sergio Morandin

Sergio is 24 years sober and he truly understands the trials and tribulations that staying sober entails. As well as being the General Manager, Sergio is an inspiration who generously contributes to every aspect of Another Road’s daily operations. He understands that the variety of factors that can contribute to destructive behavior are diverse and uniquely personal. His sobriety has taught him that every problem has a solution and every road block reveals the possibility of another direction. He truly believes that every person has the ability to recover from addiction.

Program Manager: Bill Walsh

Bill has been involved in the recovery community for many years while working in the financial industry. After deciding to make a career change a few years ago the Addiction Studies program at Centennial seemed like a natural fit. A volunteer position turned into a full time job working in a residential recovery home and a CAC II designation followed in due process. Recovery is a multi-faceted process and Bill believes that offering multiple modalities of addiction treatment is key to a full recovery

Volunteer: Cooper

Cooper is a volunteer at the recovery house. His specialties are running in the back field playing ball, socializing and accepting treats. Always happy with his tail wagging and gentle demeanour it is impossible not to feel good around him. Cooper always has time for everyone at the house.

Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services in Toronto

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Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services in Toronto

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