Location! Location! Location!

Location is the most important factor when we’re talking about real estate and it’s also a critical factor in addiction recovery. –Bill Walsh, Program Manager Another Road Addiction Recovery Centre in Caledon, Ontario

Recovering from addiction might also be described as a rebirth by some. Once we calm down from coming down, and begin to contemplate the road long ahead, we quickly become aware of just how extensive the process honestly is. You’ve emerged from detox and made a commitment to your full recovery but getting started, with your head still spinning from substance abuse, is a tough challenge. Drugs and alcohol have significantly altered your brain chemistry, your physical body has endured a chemical assault and you are feeling overwhelmed and scared.

Don’t despair it gets better. You’re actually embarking on a great adventure! During the initial stages of your recovery you’ll explore helpful practices and develop supportive strategies to cope, manage, and harness your renewed and inspired strength. You’ll also discover the tools that work best for you and establish routines and practices to sustain you through even the most difficult challenges. Choosing the environment for this adventure is critical. It must be a good fit to get a good result. Every recovery facility has its own culture, determining principles, and philosophy. In my opinion, a good fit makes all the difference.

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