The Story

Another Road Addiction Recovery Centre is a private facility and is located on 50 serene acres in a safe, comfortable, clean country atmosphere in Bond Head, Ontario.

We offer an alternative, integrated addiction treatment program, that is client centered and family focused provided by a caring team of highly skilled professionals. Each client approaches with some hesitation, feeling confused and disappointed; his life in turmoil and searching for help. We are determined to provide the guidance and support you need to get back on your feet, while maintaining your dignity and self-respect. Another Road Addiction Recovery Centre doesn’t offer false promises. We provide individual and family counselling in an effort to guide and facilitate a healthy, lifelong, recovery. We understand that each individual presents unique challenges and requires an individualized approach. Another Road not only provides the groundwork that leads to recovery but we provide sustaining support to those who are determined to live free from addiction.

Emotional Support Dog - Helping with Addiction Recovery

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