Honestly, we all lie!

“We admitted we were powerless over our addiction— that our lives had become unmanageable.”
Step One of Twelve Step Programs

Recovery looks different for every person, but the steps to recovery are basically the same for everyone. The first step for all of us is the challenge of being honest with ourselves and finally accepting that we’re in a desperate situation and we need help to recover. We’ve become addicted to a substance that has literally hijacked our body and soul!

Addiction is both physical and emotional, all encompassing, commandeering all that it needs to survive and leaving us virtually helpless! In the initial stages of recovery resistance is pretty much universal. There’s always a reason to put it off until later, tomorrow, after the holidays, soon, very soon. Sadly, it’s when we’re closest to reaching out for help that tragedy often strikes. We give ourselves special permission for one last big ride or to just finish up what we have on hand and then! Relapses are extremely common too, and fatal overdoses are far more likely when a period of abstinence has lowered tolerance. The idea that there’s really a “rock bottom” is pretty much wishful thinking. Sadly, you can live at, or near, “rock bottom” for a long time, for the rest of your life in fact!

Creating a foundation for recovery is the first step on the road to recovery. Acceptance is the beginning of everyone’s journey, it’s an all-in commitment that will require all that you’ve got. Acceptance requires us to admit defeat, let go of expectations, and choose another road. This is a very painful process to endure and very difficult to share but telling your real story is an absolutely vital part of recovery. Telling your story gives you the opportunity to examine your condition, the factors that contributed to your dilemma and the factors that will ultimately lead to new awareness, understanding, and healthy decisions.

Honestly, we all lie. Lying is one of the tools we use to smooth the edges of the many difficult situations we struggle with daily. But for an addict, life has become totally chaotic, governed by emotions that are out of control, activated by a drug that overrides the systems that exist to protect us. As the user becomes overcome by the power of alcohol, opioids, heroin, cocaine, crack, or crystal meth, what we’re hooked on becomes less and less important, until finally we don’t even really care, even when we know it might kill us. Secrets, lies, and profound shame finally colour absolutely everything.

Recovery, on the other hand, is all about consistency, honesty, and profound authenticity that illuminates reality. Recovery requires both mental and physical transformation. This isn’t rocket science and it truly happens naturally, in unison, but it takes time to establish new patterns and re-establish a meaningful, creative, and purposeful lifestyle. Fear, anxiety, and stress give way to self awareness, peace and wisdom, but the road is not easy and requires honest reflection including acceptance, mindfulness, receptiveness, accountability, and the willingness to share our failure and our success!!

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